Books by Avraham Fuchs are available again!


Or tel: +972-3-578-2178

All books are published in Hebrew except for Karati VeEin One (about Rabbi Weissmandl) which has been translated to English (title: The Unheeded Cry) and to French




  • Tasnad and the Brisk Yeshiva
  • The Unheeded Cry
  • The Satmar Rebbe
  • The Holocaust in Rabbinical Sources
  • Hungarian Yeshivos from Grandeur to Holocaust (to be reprinted soon)









Important note:

The Fuchs family is committed to re-printing all the books. Dr. Fuchs most popular book is The Unheeded Cry. Yet, his most important book is Hungarian Yeshivos. We are seeking to translate this book to English. Unfortunately, the translation costs are beyond our personal means. Thus we are seeking financial assistance on this and will make a dedication available to the appropriate person. We are also making individual chapters available for dedication.


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